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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to try... Let us know if its working!

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Ruffle lots? Sew using a ruffle accessory foot.

To add extra girlyness and romance to an outfit, ruffles often are the solution. That’s why a gathering foot is one of my “can’t live without” sewing machine feet.       Below is an old simple sewing machine I use exclusively for ruffling.   The tension and the stitch length are...
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DIY tiara for a princess

For all princesses! Make a tiara headband cut from craft foam or fancy cardboard. Decorate with glitter, stickers, and rhinestones. Click: tiara crown pattern for a template and instructions.    ...
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Tis the season….to sew like mad!

Sometimes a small piece of information goes a long way! The other day my niece called requesting some tips on how to make a holiday stocking. I just suggested that she draw out the shape she wanted, then sketch an additional 5/8” all around (for 1/2” seams). She ran with that little tidbit of...
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Pieces of cloth make for child’s play

A friend came over the other day with her 4 year old grand daughter. To keep her entertained, I brought out piles of plush toys, books and other kiddy stuff. The big surprise was what became her favorite “toys”: several one yard cuts of glittery cloth. These fabric pieces became...
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Gotta dance! Dance clothes to sew for 18″ dolls.

Sew leotards, tutus, and ballet clothing for 18″ dolls. This new pattern is designed to wow the fans of 18″ dolls. Click photo below for product information.   To browse for additional 18″ doll clothes patterns that are currently available, click here....
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