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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to learn or to practice sewing... Let us know if its working!

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Make doll fashion for parties and for play

A girl and her doll must party and play! Introducing two new patterns for whatever event may be on their social calendar.   For dress up party events, girls love getting dolled up! Fabric stores currently offer some amazing fabrics to create unique dress up fashions with outstanding results. Check out the novelty,...
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Costumes year round

Music festivals, cosplay, “alternative” events, and local parades are costume events that take place year round. Halloween is no longer the primary excuse to wear or view amazing costume creations! Check out some of these venues for future costume wearing and viewing opportunities: Comic Con events take place though out the year...
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Spring into accessories, sew a Bohemian tote.

With signs of spring, it’s time to look over our wardrobes. Consider bohemian style totes to add some flavor to your outfit combinations. Bohemian style is the ultimate in expressing yourself. Ethnic and folkloric prints, rustic textures, dangly fringes, sparkly trims and beads, all can be considered when creating a bohemian tote. An...
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Try out sewing with a one seam project

Does trying out a new skill such as sewing ever cross your mind, but then the “perfectionist” in you halts any attempt at trying? Hey, less than perfect results are ok! Some imperfection can be accepted as folk art, a current trend. If the discomfort of a learning curve makes you want...
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Kid art and outcomes

It’s great to display a beautiful timeless piece created by your child. Kid art can be so amazing. When setting up for craft creation time for children, it’s best to think out some limitations. Otherwise their creations may become a crazy mush of everything available to them. The younger a child, the...
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