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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to try... Let us know if its working!

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Reason to sew: Rainy day projects

Cheer up on a rainy day by sewing up a cuddly buddy within a couple of hours. Cut from just 2 pattern pieces, these animals are truly zippity-zip projects. So easy, a beginner can make these too. Here are more 2 piece animal cuties to consider for those indoor “what...
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Sew felt critters

Felt and fleece are some of the most available easy to sew fabrics. So many fun colors! These little guys (and cats, bears and frogs) were inspired by the felt and fleece rectangles available in the crafting section at hobbie and sewing stores. Look through those colors and be tempted...
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Another reason to sew: trendsetting

Do ever you notice that sometimes there is a trend you like but when you shop for it you can’t find it anywhere? That is one big reason that I started sewing. In the 60’s there was a clothing brand called Villager. They made the most adorable fitted dresses that...
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Huggable Lovable dolls to sew

One of my favorite career experiences was as a doll designer. So much fun! You too can have that same fun by styling and sewing one of these soulful cuties to adorn a girls bed or to be a take-everywhere-friend. The jumper, skirt and collar for these dolls are so easy to make. Perfect...
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18″ girly girl dress sets to sew for spring

Spring is here! When I was growing up it was traditional to wear a very girly girl dress to celebrate Easter. Usually my special dress matched my sister’s. Even though I was an outdoorsy type, I dearly loved these special occasion frilly dresses! Welcome spring with a girly girl design to sew for your 18″...
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