A doll wardrobe must have: Leggings! Make some from socks.


This is the site’s first pdf pattern, and I’m sharing it with you to celebrate the event! 



leggingsLeggings are a must have staple for an 18″ dolls wardrobe. This free pattern is for making leggings from long socks. There are such great long sock styles out there, why not use those to make a trendy set of leggings for your doll friend?

Below are some socks found on a shopping spree. These as leggings will sure add some pizazz to a doll wardrobe! socks for doll leggings

Click here for the free pattern and instructions.



Want some wardrobe choices to pair up with leggings? Click here to shop for 18″ doll  patterns.


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  1. Marcy Mahle says:

    Thank you for this wonderful pattern and great hints about socks.

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