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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to learn or to practice sewing... Let us know if its working!

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Sew up Felt birds, bees and ladybug softies

Anyone can use a whimsical companion for a daily smile! An easy sew, these little felt fellows are a newest addition to the collection of the two piece body sewing patterns by Elaine Heigl Designs. Sew up one or two, or a whole flock. It’s great to have several on hand...
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A Serger hack: Wind 3 spools from one

Recently I have been sewing fashion and costumes, and loving it, all because I learned to master my serger! There is something so gratifying about stitching neatly serged seams. The whole thread business first put me off from using my serger, but after hearing out serger fans and experts, I...
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Sweater revival

Sweater season is upon us, and it’s time to access last years wardrobe favorites. Some sweaters might not make the cut,  but might be contenders for a repurposing  project. Sometimes a long loved sweater can become so “natty” with use, it looks too sad to wear in public. But with a...
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Serger happiness: easy threading

Fear no longer: threading a serger I’ve had my serger for many years and underused it. Recent fashion projects made me determined to become serger-friendly. One reason for avoiding my serger was about threading; 4 large spools of thread for each project really put me off. One helpful tip I...
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Another reason to sew: create your vision

Sometimes you can shop and shop, and never quite find home accessories  that meet your vision. That is often the case for me, especially for placemats and runners. My dining room table is long and narrow…My intended style is “rough-lux”. After many, many, (many!) shopping ventures, I finally found a...
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