Some delicious, gently used consignment finds that will be perfect to sew up  beanies with giant pom poms!

Love battery operated fairy lights for holiday and party accents!

Different brands usually vary in color and size. Dab yellow nail polish on each light for a matching amber vintage glow. Colors can be fun too!


Found these luscious wools online to sew up a trendsetting beret.

Too many choices and can’t decide? Sew up many!

Problem solved.


What to do with felt rectangles?

Sew up fun softies!

Check out the 2 piece body patterns by Elaine Heigl Designs to sew dogs, cats and bears. Or sew whimsical winged softie birds and bugs.


Have you found a great sweater to repurpose, but it has “fuzzies”?

You can easily skim off the fuzz with a fine tooth comb.

To further groom your sweater, lightly brush using a bristle brush.

Scrumpcious plush fabrics are available online and in the big box sewing stores.

Choose the pile length according to your project. Use 3-10mm lengths for hats and plush animals. Use 12-60mm lengths for scarves.

A bear lovingly made, will be cherished for a lifetime. Machine embroidery details are sure to make this a heirloom treasure. You can sew one to give or keep.

Have a sweater deep with memories? You can repurpose a sweater to a bear  to preserve those memories.

Do you have some sweaters that are wonderful knits but a bit out of style? Consider repurposing them into some cool weather fashion accessories!

Have you noticed all the fun socks in the clothing stores? Adult crew socks are great to cut and sew “realistic” doll scale sweaters or leggings.

Use one set of adult crew socks to make a short sleeve doll sweater or leggings. With two sets of crew socks make a long sleeve cardigan.


A batik cotton print is great for sewing bohemian-gypsy inspired accessories or fashion. There is a huge selection of these beautiful organic prints at quilting and big box fabric stores.

When space gets hectic with a project…or five, it’s tough to stick to the old adage “clean as you go”. Having designated “homes” for active tools and supplies can help keep chaos at bay. See through containers, such as plastic bins and wire baskets, are great to toss and organize fabrics that are part of active projects.

Sequins, ruffled mesh and ribbons are just some of the amazing surface embellishments appearing on fabrics. Use dimensional fabrics for party and doll clothes, pillows, or whatever fantastic idea you dream up. Find fabrics such as these in the bridal, costume and novelty isles at the sewing store and online.

Burlap is no longer the only go-to fabric for texture. Check out the utility fabric section at your sewing store to find fabrics that compliment the cottage style that burlap is so loved for. Check out home dec stores for another “world” of choices. Drop cloth is an inexpensive canvas that can be purchased at a hardware store. Great for stenciling.

The Bohemian-gypsy style is great for expressing a free spirit mood. Mix fabrics with similar or unexpected print and color combinations to create something uniquely yours. Add ruffles with a raw edge for some extra feminine flavor. Add fringe and dangly beaded trims to make a festival open tote or phone pouch.


An idea seed can sprout when shopping the the trim department at a sewing store.

Thinking about sewing accessories? Consider these adorable trims for a tote or tech pouch strap.

Quilting stores are a great source for mix and match prints. When fabric shopping for 18″ doll fashion, keep in mind that mini graphics (1/8″-1/4″) and trims create the most realistic look for doll scale. Create bold and fun doll fashion with medium sized prints.

Are you thinking about sewing a Cosplay costume, or making an outstanding fashion statement for a special event? Consider fabrics with sparkle and shine!

Check out the costume and novelty fashion fabric sections in the sewing stores. Unique and inspiring fabrics are added year round.

These little stuffed shapes can be used for a multitude of gifts and decorations. You can make a charm, pincushions, paper weights and package decorations to name a few. Check out our blog for templates and tutorials. This is a great project for all skill levels.

A pillow case is a quick gift to sew. Find a limitless choice of wonderful fabric prints at the fabric sites and stores! Found this amazing hero print for a pillow case for a super guy. For your college friend, a pillowcase with their alma mater print sure would be a nice surprise.

Find sheer, wonderfull embellished fabrics in the bridal section at a fabric chain store. This type fabric can be a contender for an extra special party dress for a girl or doll.


Craft fairs and country antiquing are a great source for DIY projects.

Found these jumbo vintage buttons at an Atlanta based festival.

Buttons inspire so many ideas!

Burlap is here to stay!

Loved for its texture and rustic character, burlap is a great home dec stable. Weddings, holiday and home accessories: burlap or  a drop cloth can be the neutral background for a creative environment. Trim with lace, jute, or hemp accents. Add some lux accents with gold stencils or iron on transfers. Design possibilities are limitless.


On a spree through the fabric store, found some Dad-friendly cotton prints. Some silly, some serious: there is something for every personality type. Any of these fabrics could be used to make a pillowcase or pair of lounge pants for your man.

Thinking about a party!

First step: collected references to keep focused on a color scheme when shopping.

Next, shopped the local quilt shops and found some fun cotton prints and yarns for some party flags.



Organic fabric and trim are the perfect combination for a nature themed accessory. Pair up a tote and an appliqué  to create your one of a kind design.


This is some flannel fabric that I have saved forever. Only one yard, but it became an adorable pair of kids lounge pants. Lounge pants are the perfect first sewing project using a purchased pattern.