Zippy flags

These quickie cotton print mini flags are cut on the bias so they won’t fray like mad. Minimal sewing for these little guys!

If you want your flags to be all the same proportions and size, you may want a pattern. To standardize our flags we simply used computer paper and cut the shapes and marked the bias grain.

Alternatively, you can get crazy creative  and cut out flag shapes without a pattern.

Pin the flag pattern guides on the fabric so the side edges are cut on the bias.


Cut many flags out at once. If you are making these zippy little guys you probably want lots.

Fold and press the upper edge 1/2″ for a casing.


Stitch a 1/4″ casing. To really knock these out, just stitch continually one flag directly after another until all the casings are stitched.

Stich a 1/4″ casing. Trim the triangle ends.


Use a safety pin or bobkin to string your flags together.


Party after party, you can make more flags and banners and build up your inventory. If you want to add appliqué letters, click here for instructions.

Sew Party Flags