Want to generate school spirit? Make a flag!

by Guest writer Betty Paxton

Early in the school year, my son announced, “I need a flag.” I am the least crafty person I know, so I appealed to the craftiest person I know: Elaine.

Once we established the colors and size of a flag: 45” by 36”, Elaine took me to a chain sewing store  and introduced me to a whole world of sewing I knew nothing about. The words that really caught my attention, though, were “No sew.” Right up my alley.

It was a remarkably quick process! First we bought our supplies: fusible seam tape and fabrics (one yard each of): two school colors, white background fabric, and heavy duty paper backed fusible web. Then we got to work.

I enlarged and printed out the school logo in “tile” mode so that it would be the size of our flag. Then we printed out and taped the tiles together.









We made a tracing for each logo color onto paper-backed fusible web, using a window so we could trace out in reverse. This tracing process took all of 10 minutes. We did simplify the logo a bit to make the graphics bold.

Then we ironed the fusible side of each tracing to the wrong side of the school color fabrics.




5CutOutLogoAfter we cut out the logo pieces we peeled off the paper backing and centered the first logo piece onto the white flag base.







7IronInPlaceAfter making sure it was nicely squared up, we ironed the logo in place. We repeated the process for the second logo color layer. It all stuck firmly to the white!







We used the fusible seam tape to turn in the edges of the flag as well as make a sleeve opening for the flag pole.



It was very gratifying making such a professional-looking flag. But the greatest satisfaction came from my son’s reaction, who was amazed and thrilled by the finished product.


Indeed, he proudly waved the flag at every football and volleyball game thereafter. His friends, and even strangers, took turns waving the flag. Everyone treated it with respect and reverence.


The flag has been waved tirelessly, photographed frequently, spattered with red-out, white-out, black-out and camou-out paint, re-ironed at times, gone home after games with a myriad of different students… and become a lasting symbol of incredible and enduring school spirit.


Betty and her partners develop video-based educational science products for classroom and homeschool use available at www.FreshScience.com.


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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to try… Let us know if its working!

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