Taking Trends to the Max!

Its so fun to express our character with the latest trend. Here Grandma Heigl and her buddies are fans of the hat and hair trends of their day.

In the 60’s, I had to have the shortest skirts.

In the 70’s, had to have the widest bell bottoms and the lowest hip huggers.

In the 80’s, had to have the widest shoulder pads.

Did someone say football?

The 90’s: hello totally black wardrobe!

Yes, it’s hard not to take a fashion trend to the extreme. Being a grown up now, I am not so personally decorative (jeans and a white T). Still, I am always keeping my radar out for current and future design trends.

A project is always sure to send one seeking something that inspires a new color combination, shape or theme. It’s fun have a reason to be tuned into the surroundings for inspiration. Kooky fashion in the city or mall, textures and colors on a nature hike, funky vintage goodies at a flea market: any visual experience is a possible treasure trove of inspiration. The smart phone is great for snapping a picture for the inspirational file!

A trend  to have a lot of fun with now is RUFFLES! If you like ruffles too, keep checking out our site for new ideas and products to create designs with ruffles. Here’s a dress with ruffles to the max!


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