Make a Softie Charm


talismanThis is an easy to make charm that can be draped over a photo frame, clipped to a handbag or keychain. This is my first charm, but for my next ones it will be fun to pull out all the stops! Must have (and give) many!

To stitch the itty bitty heart shape, I used freezer paper as a seam guide. Freezer paper is such a great sewing aid  because it has a temporary hold when pressed onto fabric.  For this project freezer paper serves well as a stitching guide for someone new to using a sewing machine. It’s also a handy guide to follow when stitching shapes with tight curves and corners.

Are you psyched to make a soft charm? Here’s how.

First make or print out softie shape patterns. You can enlarge or reduce the size with a copier.


trace template shape onto non waxy side of freezer paper

Trace the template shape onto non-waxy side of freezer paper. Cut out the shape.


You can use the square pattern to cut out two fabric pieces . Center freezer paper shape, wax side down, onto the wrong side of one square. Fuse in place with hot iron. Pin two squares together with right sides together.

Use a presser foot with a clear opening. Stitch along edge of freezer paper. Use tiny stitch setting (2).


Click here for a tip about stitching corners.

Cut around the shape for a 1/8″ seam allowance. Clip into corners and curves. Trim points. Careful not to clip stitches! Snip an opening in the back. Turn and stuff. Patch opening with scraps and trim.


Stuffing tips: A wooden chop stick is my favorite stuffing device! Use a long needle to carefully pull out any stubborn corners and to perfect stuffing distribution.

Using a long needle, stitch embroidery floss or fine ribbon through the stuffed shape. Bead and trim to your heart’s desire!

These baby pillows have a multitude of uses. Make swags, magic wands, package decorations, sewing weights and pincushions to name a few.

Have these itty bitty shapes come in handy for you? We would be happy to know!

If you want more heart making options and sizes you may want to check out our tutorial “Sew And Design Mini Sweet Hearts”

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    Great, thanks! This will be perfect for making some simple Christmas decorations!

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