Halloween and creative costuming

Halloween is just a few weeks away, so the quest for a perfect costume may begin. If you plan to sew one up, there is enough time to do so.

When my kids were growing up I always wanted to be creative, yet make something quickly. Of course there always were a lot of ready made costumes to buy, but being from a generation when we made our own, I aspired to stick to that philosophy.

Year after year my two boys were avid fans of a specific super hero. One year I made a shot at something that was other than that hero and it got immediately nixed. Oh well. I believe for 10 straight years they both were that hero! One Halloween in preschool there was a procession of all the kids in their costumes. It was a bit of an eerie site because most of the children were wearing black costumes! Of course my two kids were wearing their super hero black costumes as well.

child's jumpsuit costumeIf you are for creating a costume for a child, here is a super easy pattern with a silhouette that can be made as shown or styled to any other character you might think up. (Click photo for more information)

If you are browsing for costume ideas, these are some additional posts and patterns that may be of interest:

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