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Ruffles are an easy detail to add to girls fashion or doll dresses. A “finish” frequently seen on ready to wear are raw edges, a perfect finish technique for whipping up some fast and easy ruffles at home! Below are two 3/4″ wide ruffles with raw edges.

raw ruffles

The top ruffle was made with a whisper weight satin, ruffling was stitched with a ruffle foot. The bottom ruffle was made with a lightweight muslin, ruffling was stitched by just adjusting the sewing machine settings.


First choose a lightweight, tightly woven fabric that rips easily across the lengthwise grain.


To make strips, snip and rip fabric across the lengthwise grain for the first straight edge.


Next measure and mark the height of desired ruffle (add in a seam allowance if the ruffle is to be inserted into a seam). Rip across. Pull off any dangly threads. Cut off selvage ends. Press strip if necessary. Ready to ruffle!

To stitch ruffles, use a ruffle foot or simply set your machine to long stitches (4+) and tight tension (8). Stitch along seam line or in the center of the strip, depending how you want to apply your ruffle. With the setting I used, a 17″  strip became a 12″ long ruffle. Adjust and test your machine settings for your preferences.

TIP: When starting to stitch, hold thread ends.

Once you get the hang of this, you are ready to froth up some fun fashions!



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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to learn or to practice sewing… Let us know if its working!

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