A sleeveless tunic: Will make many!

Just taking a minute to tell you about a trend I’m buying into: sewing knits. After having found a classic basic pattern that I tweaked to my personal preferences, I went shopping online for knits. Wow, there sure are a lot of wonderful choices!

When hunting for knits, I ran across a jersey fabric called ITY knit (Interlocking Twist Yarn) and ordered some to try out. Am in love!

ITY is Polyester and Lycra. I’m not really a fan of synthetic fabric, but do like this one. It has lots of stretch, and has an amazing supple drape. It’s lightweight, cool, and will travel well. (You might be able to pack 10 dresses in a small suitcase!)

ITY knit dress



The dress to the right is my first ITY knit sewing experience. This simple dress will be so easy to accessorize and wear with layers. Definitely it will be a signature piece for me!

If sewing knits is a new experience for you, there are lots of tips on the pattern guide sheet. One tip that is super duper important is to use a stretch needle.

Are you sewing knits? Feel welcome to share some tips and words of advice here.



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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to learn or to practice sewing... Let us know if its working!

14 Comments to “A sleeveless tunic: Will make many!”

  1. Claire Gibbons says:

    I like your approach to sewing. I just got my machine serviced and it is now in working order. I will try some of those knits. I am a little wary of dresses to wear with layers but do like a longer top to wear with slacks. I am going to look for the ITY knit. I will make sure I use a needle for knits.

    • elaine says:

      Hi Claire!
      So glad to hear that you are ready to tackle a sewing project inspired on this site. Keep us posted!
      Best, Elaine
      PS: Check out Simplicity 1593 for more knit pieces to sew.

    • elaine says:

      I know what you mean about being wary of layers. To add a little shape or accent, try a skinny belt. It can add a feminine curve to an otherwise boxy silhouette.

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  3. elaine says:

    Thanks Keila! Your positive feedback makes for happy blogging!

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