Stitched flag banner

Party! Party!

Flags, banners and swags add a special decorative element to any event. These flags are an easy sew project that tie together to spell out any greeting.

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Create a triangle or rectangle shape of any size. These flag patterns are made using one sheet of computer paper. Our finished flags measures 7″ long .


Basic equipment and notions.

Pattern making tools:

To make the pattern: Computer paper, scissors, and ruler



Fabric: 1/3rd yard  of 45″ wide cotton will make 4 triangle flags or 3 rectangle flags.

24″ ribbon for each flag.

Use lightweight fusible nylon knit interfacing if your fabric is one that frays like mad.

Paperbacked fusible web and a fabric scrap are for  an appliqué.

1)GET READY: make a pattern from computer paper

Fold paper in half lengthwise. Mark triangle shape and cut out.

This is a triangle made from a 7″ square.


Mark pivot points, at corners. Pierce hole at markings.



Pin the pattern with the center following straight of grain. Cut out two layers of fabric. If you are using a fabric that is very thin, such as tissue lame, back with fusible interfacing.


Transfer corner pivot point markings to the wrong side of one flag piece.



On right side of fabric, pin a 12″ ribbon to each top corner.

Stitch tie ends to outside at top corners.


Center ties within shape.


Right sides together, pin triangle pieces together. Stitch 1/4″ seams, leaving a 2″ opening for turning.


TIP: For best stitched corners , click here for sewing instructions.


Trim flag corners and seams.


Turn. A chopstick is a handy tool!


Press, slipstitch opening.


You can make appliqués using paper backed fusible web. Click here for instructions how. Here are a bunch of flags ready for a clever greeting.

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Get festive! E