Sew in the raw

Raw edges continue to show up on ready to wear fashion details and finishes. Sewing raw edge fashions is a shortcut technique that works with the correct fabric choices or cutting on the bias. Raw edge finishes are great for quick sew up dresses such as the one shown below.

With this pattern you can make a gossamer summer dress or a sheer romantic costume with the raw edge finish. Examples of the best non-fray sheer fabrics to make this design are lace, tulle, mesh weave, or mesh knit. These types of fabrics tend to be located in the costume and bridal sections of the sewing store. You might also find a sheer non-fray fabric contender in the home dec section as well.

Last week I spotted a gorgeous pink crushed sheer mesh that resembled gauze. It would be perfect for this dress! I had never seen this fabric in a sewing store before, perhaps it’s a new product.

An under-slip pattern is included with this design. If you would like more details about this pattern, click here.


If you see creative designing with the raw edge feature, you can comment or post with us on Facebook. We would like to know more about this trend too!


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