My son’s obsession with cars and trucks is (thankfully) waning. Sure I developed an appreciation for trucks; they are pretty diverse and amazing. And I learned that road construction can be a source of entertainment during long car rides. And ok, fire trucks are awesome. But despite all that, I am happy that my son’s interests are diversifying and he’s now interested in dinosaurs. This means we can plan trips to museums, read new books, practice tongue-twisting names AND make a dinosaur shirt!

My son wanted T. rex. So I looked through books and online for ideas of how it should look.

tracing the image

Tracing an image.


When I cut out the applique, he took it to play with…I had to make another in order to get the first one back!

In just a few more steps this is how our shirt turned out.

T. rex


This was really fast and simple to do and we had so much fun. Click here to learn how. I would love to hear about the appliqués you make for your kids. Please leave a comment below and like us on facebook to see our shirt worn on a trip to the museum!

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Stephanie sews for fun with her sweet four year old daughter. Her website www.VegetarianTendencies.com has nothing to do with sewing but everything to do with learning how to make the best tasting vegetables imaginable. Say hi to her @smichelet on Instagram + twitter

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  1. elaine says:

    Stephanie! That is a great idea to trace onto the rough side (glue side) of the wonder under!

  2. stephanie says:

    Thanks e. It was a huge time saver!

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