Repurpose knits

Thrift stores, consignment shops, and gently worn closet castoffs are my favorite sources for sweater knits. The knits I have collected are great, but the…not quite my taste or fit. Sooo they each are going to become something else.


The fine gauge pink sweater is going to become a doll cardigan. The other chunky knit sweaters will make great bears or fashion accessories.


This little bear friend fellow below (Simplicity 8155) is designed to fit within a medium sized sweater.

sweater bear

These hat and glove sets below (Simplicity 8273) are designed to fit within one medium sized sweater. A contrast scarf can complete the set.



Did you find a great knit to repurpose, but it has those fuzz-balls? Remove the fuzz with a fine tooth comb.

Happy hunting!



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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to learn or to practice sewing… Let us know if its working!

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