A placemat is a great “canvas” for creativity.



What you need to make a 19″ by 13″ placemat:

Fabric: 14″  of 45″ wide cotton fabric will make one placemat.

Basic equipment, tools and notions

(Optional) supplies to make pattern: 4 pieces of computer paper, tape, ruler or tape measure


Measure, mark and cut two fabric pieces 20″ by 14″ (or use a pattern guide as shown). If fabric is lightweight, cut one piece of interfacing as well.


With right sides together pin placemat pieces together as shown.


SEW: Stitch, trim, turn

Stitch 1/2 ” seam all 4 sides.  Leave a 3″ opening for turning.


TIP: When stitching a corner, pivot two times to make the turn, rather than stitching a squared point. With this method the corner will square out the best when trimmed, turned and pressed.

Trim corners. Trim seams. Trimming the seams in layers as shown will make the seams appear less bulky when the placemat is complete.


Turn placemat through opening.


FINISH: Press, slipstitch opening

Smooth out and press. Slipstitch opening. Topstitch 1/4″ from edge if desired.Freehand lettering was used for the appliqué on our placemat.


When creating, go classic or go on a designing binge. Have fun! A group effort can be a wonderful memento at a special event.

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