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Hats are great to wear as protection from the elements or a way to express character. It’s a fun kick to go on a department store outing and try on a bunch of hats for some laughs or to prepare for a dress up event.

For a day out in the sun, a baseball cap will always suffice, but there is nothing like a wearing a hat with a big brim for some shade. Finding one that flatters can be a hunt though. There must be an art to choosing a crown and brim according to ones head shape.

For exercise or a day at the beach, a scarf or cap is great to contain unrully tresses. The styles below are extremely easy to make. These are great projects for anyone who likes instant gratification. For instructions, click a photo.





Weddings and garden parties are the perfect event to wear “the fascinator”. These hats perch on your head with a headband, and may be decorated in all levels of sophistication or flamboyance. Feathers, frills, sparkle, so totally fun! For Halloween, a mini witch hat or a little top hat can be a pivitol piece for your costume theme. To view and shop for fascinators, click the photo below.

Fleece hats are great for those nippy days to come. Fleece fabric is widely available and very easy to sew.

The patterns shown below are examples of fleece hat projects perfect for a beginner.If you would like more info about any of these patterns, you can click the photo.








If you have tips about making or selecting hats, let us know. Comment below or post with us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing what our blog visitors have to share!


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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to learn or to practice sewing… Let us know if its working!

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