Make a Crunch cap, one two three!


This cap is perfect for when you are active or just kicking back. Wear it when you are lifting weights, gaming or doing Yoga. Add a pair of sunglasses and hang out at the beach. Be noticed for your unique character.

Our cap is made from an ultra lite jersey knit from a fabric chain store. You can repurpose a T shirt for this project as well.

All you need is  1/2 yard (18″) of jersey knit. Different weights of knits will give different scrunch results, so adjust the style according to the fabric you use and to your taste. Jersey knit is typically 54 to 60″ wide, so you can make a second hat for a pal. Follow these super easy directions and you will have a cap: one, two, three!

 ONE: measure and cut

Cut lightweight knit fabric 21″ wide (stretch direction) by 18″ long.


TWO: pin and stitch center back seam

Fold in half as shown. Stitch 1/2″ seams.


THREE: pin and stitch top seam

If you want the cap to be closed at one end, then fold the cap so the seam is centered. Then stitch the top seam. Turn the hat right side out. Done! With this knit cap, a raw edge is part of the casual look.


If this is your first time stitching jersey knit, let us know about your experience.