How to use paper backed fusible web

Paper backed fusible web is an easy and accessible way to add detailing to any sewn project. Once you try out this product, you may want to decorate everything!

Paper backed fusible web is available in three weights: heavy, medium and light. Test and experiment with each weight to get a feel for each. Heavy weight was used for this demo.
Paper backed fusible web is sold by the yard or prepackaged. Detailed instructions and recommendations are included.
Here are some tips and a preview of the application process for you to check out. So easy!


Place paper backed fusible web over graphic rough (glue) side  down. Trace graphic onto paper backing. For a directional graphic such as the letter B, trace with the glue side up.



Place paperbacked fusible web, glue side to back of the fabric. Fabric should be larger than fusible web. Fuse with a hot iron. Let cool.



Cut out using small sharp scissors for precision.



Sometimes a pin or needle helps start to lift the paper away.


Make sure glue is adhered to the fabric. If some glue remains on the paper, touch up with a hot iron again so the glue completely adheres to the fabric. 


Sometimes the process of removing the paper from the fabric may rough up an edge. You can trim that edge if it is acceptable for your design.


Fuse on appliqué using a damp presser cloth and a hot iron.


You can finish an appliqué with many decorative stitch styles.


Test this product on your fabric first.

A tightly woven fabric is the easiest to work with.

Since fuse is best using an iron on a high temperature setting, care must be taken for synthetic fabrics.