Another reason to sew: create your vision

Sometimes you can shop and shop, and never quite find home accessories  that meet your vision. That is often the case for me, especially for placemats and runners.

My dining room table is long and narrow…My intended style is “rough-lux”. After many, many, (many!) shopping ventures, I finally found a fun rustic centerpiece. Once I found this, I decided to sew a runner.


To go forward, I first set out a piece of fabric to visualize the proportions of a proper runner.



A local home dec store had so many great choices for runner fabric and lining. The sales assistant was excellent at helping me decide the yardage to purchase.


Using straight edges and tailor chalk, I measured and marked the rectangle shape (including 1/2” seam allowances) onto the fabric.


Then I cut out and used that shape as a guide to cut out the lining. (I like to use travel mementos for sewing weights.)



Pin, stitch, (*can be a one seam project) trim corners, turn, press. Slipstitch opening. How easy is that!

Voila! Tailored to my taste!


Has it been awhile since you have used your sewing machine? Are you  new to sewing? This is a great little project to familiarize yourself with your machine.

Work in progress: Ok, I do love my new runner, so now my next goal is to design and make some unique placemats and napkin sets. Here we go again!!!!

I did finish the edge of my runner with a corded trim…let me know if that is something you want to know more about.


Sew merrily! E

Note: *Home dec fabric is around 54″ wide. My runner is 74″ long so I pieced 10″ additional on each end.

If you like sewing projects like this for the home and events, you may like making party banners too.






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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to learn or to practice sewing... Let us know if its working!

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