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Another reason to sew: create your vision

Sometimes you can shop and shop, and never quite find home accessories  that meet your vision. That is often the case for me, especially for placemats and runners. My dining room table is long and narrow…My intended style is “rough-lux”. After many, many, (many!) shopping ventures, I finally found a...
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Drop cloth holiday table

When someone first told me that event planners were using drop cloths for tables, I thought “brilliant!” So the pivotal inspiration for this year’s holiday table started with using a drop cloth as the base tablecloth. For a theme, woodland plus texture were kept in mind when building this holiday...
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Styling with Burlap

Styling with simply off white, tan, and brown coordinates is sometimes the easiest way to go when planing a burlap project. When planning a color scheme, tracing paper or  a light print out (about 40% transparency) can be helpful. Then you can experiment with color pencils, working with the color scheme...
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Holiday decorating and style boards

Decorating a holiday room is a process of collecting (and discarding!) each year. There are so many appealing color and style themes, sometimes its easy to loose focus and go random when shopping the holiday scene. One classic base theme for a holiday room is vintage-cozy. Add a bit of...
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Go “Rough-Luxe”: sew burlap pillows

Want to add texture and character to your space?  Burlap can be a way to go. The “rough-luxe” trend was the inspiration for this Simplicity pillow pattern. (Click here for product info.) These are a couple of tips for working with burlap: To air out the burlap scent, run your...
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