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QUICK-SEW GIFTS When it comes to making gifts, it can be a year round endeavor. Crafting and sewing time is now a bit limited for the upcoming holiday gifting, so here are a few easy-sew project suggestions that still can be squeezed in. ACCESSORIES: A SPARE POCKET A sure hit...
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Draft and sew simple spandex gloves

Gloves are sometimes the finishing touch for an action hero, Day of the Dead, or a character costume. Also gloves are a great addition for a childs dress up trunk. Make a pair in the color of your choice following these easy instructions. Supplies needed: freezer paper 1/4 yard of a two...
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Costumes year round

Music festivals, cosplay, “alternative” events, and local parades are costume events that take place year round. Halloween is no longer the primary excuse to wear or view amazing costume creations! Check out some of these venues for future costume wearing and viewing opportunities: Comic Con events take place though out the year...
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DIY tiara for a princess

For all princesses! Make a tiara headband cut from craft foam or fancy cardboard. Decorate with glitter, stickers, and rhinestones. Click: tiara crown pattern for a template and instructions.    ...
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Pieces of cloth make for child’s play

A friend came over the other day with her 4 year old grand daughter. To keep her entertained, I brought out piles of plush toys, books and other kiddy stuff. The big surprise was what became her favorite “toys”: several one yard cuts of glittery cloth. These fabric pieces became...
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