Basic Sewing Equiptment and Tools and Notions

This is the list of the basics needed to start sewing. As you develop sewing skills, you will discover the direction you want use sewing for. Then, upgrade and add more tools tailored to those interests.

EQUIPTMENT: Sewing Machine and Iron

Your first sewing machine need not be a big investment. A basic sewing machine can be purchased for under $100. Any sewing project on this site can be made successfully with a basic machine. As you advance, you can often trade in toward your next purchase. When you purchase your sewing machine you may also want to purchase additional bobbins and a pack of sewing machine needles.Someone may give you a machine, which is great, BUT, often a used machine doesn’t include a manual and also may be too funky and cause frustration…..I definitely recommend a nice shiney new one for a fresh start!

A basic iron is fine.

Ruler, tape measure, Pencil
Scissors for fabric, scissors for paper:
I highly recommend starting with a good pair of fabric scissors from day one!

It is best to have a separate pair of scissors for paper. Cutting paper with  fabric scissors will soon dull your fabric scissors.

Its handy but not necessary to have a pair of snipper scissors nearby your sewing area.


straight pins, needles, thread, pincushion


These basic sewing equipment, tools and notions can get you going with any beginner project and basic sewing. If you spot a tool in a photo you don’t recognize or are curious about, let us know.

A shoebox container is handy to hold and tote your first batch of supplies.

You have all this stuff? Then you are ready for the many projects on our home page…Lets get started!