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Stephanie is passionate about fiber arts and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Her website www.thenourishbowl.com/blog has nothing to do with sewing but everything to do with learning how to make the best tasting nourishment imaginable. Say hi to her @smichelet on Instagram + twitter

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Freezer paper stencil, an experiment

Sometimes us crafters, just have to whip up an inspired experiment. This is a little experiment written by my niece Stephanie when she first discovered freezer paper for stenciling: I used to take a lot of photos of nature. And now these photos are sitting in a box without much...
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My son’s obsession with cars and trucks is (thankfully) waning. Sure I developed an appreciation for trucks; they are pretty diverse and amazing. And I learned that road construction can be a source of entertainment during long car rides. And ok, fire trucks are awesome. But despite all that, I...
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Creating a Creative Monster

I had a very difficult night with my son! I didn’t sleep from 12-4 am because he kept calling for me and seemed like he had a fever. He woke up early, feeling better though and the first thing he said was “I wanna make our project.” I’ve created a...
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