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Stephanie sews for fun with her sweet four year old daughter. Her website www.VegetarianTendencies.com has nothing to do with sewing but everything to do with learning how to make the best tasting vegetables imaginable. Say hi to her @smichelet on Instagram + twitter

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Freezer paper stencil, an experiment

Sometimes us crafters, just have to whip up an inspired experiment. This is a little experiment written by my niece Stephanie when she first discovered freezer paper for stenciling: I used to take a lot of photos of nature. And now these photos are sitting in a box without much...
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My son’s obsession with cars and trucks is (thankfully) waning. Sure I developed an appreciation for trucks; they are pretty diverse and amazing. And I learned that road construction can be a source of entertainment during long car rides. And ok, fire trucks are awesome. But despite all that, I...
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Creating a Creative Monster

I had a very difficult night with my son! I didn’t sleep from 12-4 am because he kept calling for me and seemed like he had a fever. He woke up early, feeling better though and the first thing he said was “I wanna make our project.” I’ve created a...
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