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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to try... Let us know if its working!

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Be an idea machine

If you have so many crafting and sewing project ideas that it overwhelms you, I hear you! Here is a process that can help control the madness. First of all It’s great to have tons of ideas. Jot, doodle or sketch each and every one! Save inspirational tear sheets and...
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Get going sewing!

Super fast-easy sewing projects are on this site for the beginner, dabbler, or sewing mentor. Some of the easiest projects to start anyone sewing are: Party banners, or Sweet Hearts, or¬†Placemats. These designs are “blanks” with plenty of opportunity for self expression and creativity! Continue to check out this site’s...
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Sewing Within Time Pockets

So many daily life needs and interests vie for our time. How to fit in a sewing project that actually gets finished? From an easy sewn project such as a cap, or pillowcase, to a huge project such as a dress for a special occasion, or a set of drapes,...
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Sewing in borrowed space and small time pockets

For much of my sewing lifespan I had to work in small “borrowed” spaces and “found” time. I totally understand how time and space limitations can interfere with a desire to sew. When space is precious, a solution can be fold up furniture with wheels, cabinets with doors, and labeled...
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Holiday hang ups

Check out these diy rustic hangers for tiny clothes! ¬†An elf, fairy, or a fantasy creature of your own design could really use these!     With twigs and floral wire you can make these adorable rustic hangers. Great for hanging on a holiday tree.         Want...
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