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When I learned to sew, I was totally hooked! My mission is to provide sewing projects that are easy enough for anyone to learn or to practice sewing... Let us know if its working!

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Give a DIY circle skirt a twirl!

This post I’ve hedged a bit with. It’s just so easy to pick up a pattern at the fabric store, but this is a little exercise so you can draft one on your own. What was the most fun about this project was that I had an opportunity to engage...
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Love them? Darn it.

A loved pair of jeans inspired this blog post. Worn out jeans mean either toss out or repair….toss is not an option for these loved jeans, so repair it is! Having sewn for years, I’ve had many fancy sewing machines. I must admit I tend to use only the basic features...
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Go “Rough-Luxe”: sew burlap pillows

Want to add texture and character to your space?  Burlap can be a way to go. The “rough-luxe” trend was the inspiration for this Simplicity pillow pattern. (Click here for product info.) These are a couple of tips for working with burlap: To air out the burlap scent, run your...
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Be an idea machine

If you have so many crafting and sewing project ideas that it overwhelms you, I hear you! Here is a process that can help control the madness. First of all It’s great to have tons of ideas. Jot, doodle or sketch each and every one! Save inspirational tear sheets and...
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Get going sewing!

Super fast-easy sewing projects are on this site for the beginner, dabbler, or sewing mentor. Some of the easiest projects to start anyone sewing are: Party banners, or Sweet Hearts, or Placemats. These designs are “blanks” with plenty of opportunity for self expression and creativity! Continue to check out this site’s...
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