About Us

This is the place to find easy patterns and instructions with the aim to ignite your personal designing adventure. Enjoy the fulfillment of self expression here. Enjoy exploring and playing within the wonderful world of sewing!

We like creating fun things to decorate with, dress up in, and give away.

We like discovering all the coolness out there. Watching for trends, getting an idea and running with it, starting with something and making it into something new. The endless possibility of imagination when it’s fired up and ready to go.

We care about sharing, which is why we made this site. To share our experiences, insights, and ideas. We hope you’ll share with us and keep the momentum going because we’re all unique and capable of amazing things with just a few basic supplies, or lots and lots of ruffles and frills.

We like making stuff, and guess that you do too. So let’s get started. What will you make?

Elaine, Stephanie and Michael are developing this site with the beginning stitcher in mind. Help us grow, let us know what you would like to experience on this site!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started!

Look through the portfolio of free designs on our home page. Many designs posted are perfect first projects to make as a gift or greeting to send in an envelope. Most easy projects will focus on a technique or information that will help you build your confidence and skill level.

Check out these posts for reasons to sew…..

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Stuff you need to start sewing now

The first supplies you will need  to start sewing are thread, sewing needles, pins, pincushion, tapemeasure, and good quality scissors. . If you are just starting out, keep everything in a shoebox. If you find you want to explore sewing further, more supplies will follow! As for purchasing your first sewing machine, it doesnt have to be a big investment. A basic sewing machine is fine to start.

You can buy a basic sewing machine at any Super store, online or someone may pass one on to you. If you develop a passion for sewing, there are machines with all the bells and whistles which then become a serious purchase.

Sew to give

Often in the news there are inspiring stories about people who sew for a charitable cause.  In the future we will provide links to  stories that may give you motivation to sew for giving. If you have a story about sewing for charitable causes, please contact us or post it on our facebook page.